- said no marijuana business owner ever
Save Yourself


Are you struggling with the best way to keep your staff safe and reduce your liability?  Does the idea of writing safety or security policies make you want to scream?  Worry no longer, my friend, High Time Security solved this issue for you. We offer a low-cost subscription service granting you access to all of the latest and greatest policies and procedures needed to fulfill your heart’s desires and protect your cannabis-based business.


OSHA regulations? Neighborhood quality of life issues? Wary local law enforcement? City Council on the fence? You got your permit and your business, now you have to keep it. Let us help you show your employees and your city that you’re a professional and this business is here to stay.  Having a comprehensive safety program increases your chances of passing state audits and lowers your insurance costs and liabilities.


We’ve written hundreds of crisis response plans for major companies to include a BILLION-dollar cannabis retailer, Disney, Facebook, and Bird Scooters to name a few.  And for fun, we spend thousands of hours reading marijuana regulations.  We’ve got your assets covered.

High Time Security wants to make Fortune 500-level security programs available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Why a Subscription Service?


Why a subscription service, you ask?  Well, then the burden is on us to keep your documents updated to comply with the latest regulation changes and industry’s best practices.  This also lowers the cash needed to get your staff on a safer and more secure path. We’re all special, but not every company needs customized policies and procedures.  A well-crafted template keeps coins in your pocket, and all of your bases covered.

Want to see a sample of our work? Our Pandemic Safety Plan was carefully designed to keep your employees safe, and you compliant with CDC and OSHA recommendations.

How will this save time and money?


The average policy or procedure takes us approximately 4 to 5 hours to research and write.  A more complicated procedure like Active Shooter or Pandemic Operations Procedures can take us 10+ hours to complete.  That means our Subscription gives you about 150 hours of your life back.  This doesn’t even include the quarterly reviews you would need to do. You’re welcome!

A consultant easily charges a marijuana-based company $1000 to $1500 per policy.  Yikes!  $30,000 at a minimum to get your program started with a similar quality of content we offer you for a low monthly price. Now you have the time and money for a vacation.

The 5-Minute Safety and Security Program


Designing and implementing a comprehensive safety and security program is a nightmare if it is not your area of expertise.  So many regulations and best practices to consider.  Consultants know this and it is why they charge a heck-of-a-lot  to help you.  They also like to speak a lot of jargon and leaving you wondering if missed a module of English.

Our program is designed to be as easy as sending an email to your staff to establish an account. 

We think keeping people safe should be easy and cost-effective.


Fortune-500 Protection For Pennies


We’ve worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the world: Facebook, Disney, Bird and MedMen creating similar documentation now available to you for less than $16 per employee a month.

We think world-class safety should be affordable and easy for every business owner to implement.

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