Brandy McCarron

Not your average security professional

Right about when I was writing my gazillionth security policy for yet another marijuana company, I was determined to find a better way for clients.  Up until now, to get a solid safety and security program up and running at a single location would cost thousands of dollars and within six months those documents would need to be reviewed and updated.  No wonder folks skimp on safety and security programs.

There were striking similarities in the documents between clients.  I often copy and pasted with minor customizations.  Yet, clients were paying $1500+ for each of these procedures and I was losing my will to live with boring and repetitive work.  You needed a solution.  I needed a solution.  High Time Security was born.

George McCarron

Super nice for a cop

From massive illegal grows in the mountains to dime bags in the park, we’ve seen it all haven’t we? Finally, state by state, the laws are changing and my former hippie parents are rejoicing. But with the decriminalization and disappearing stigma comes the responsibility to do things right and soooo many regulations. As an instructor and Train-the-Trainer in the fields of medical response, health and safety, pandemic preparedness, active shooter response and others, I’ve helped design the training and policy creation from city councils, to the world’s largest entertainment company. We bring you the knowledge and experience to keep your employees and customers safe while reducing your liability.

Multiple Instructor Certifications

Trainer for California Department of Public Health and The Department of Homeland Security. Helping businesses and government agencies with pandemic preparedness, safety and response.  

Multiple Instructor Certifications

Commissioned trainer certified in prevention, response and support of emergency incidents at private businesses and public organizations. Recognized expert in health and safety instruction.

Multiple Instructor Certifications

Certified Instructor In vulnerabilities, response actions and protective measures. Working behind the scenes in infrastructure protection and safety.