Frequently Asked Questions

Can this service be used for non-marijuana companies?

Not into to pot?  We don’t mind.  These policies can be used for non-marijuana companies; however, we recommend you utilize High Time Security’s sister company McCarron Security for non-cannabis documents.

What if I need a policy you don't offer?

We love a good challenge and want to make our plans as comprehensive for you as possible.  So if there is a policy or procedure you think we are missing, tell us.  If it is something we think everyone will benefit from, we will happily write it for free and include it in our Advanced Subscription; however, if it seems to be a need unique to your circumstances, we can give you a quote on the document and bundle it up in your subscription service and your employees will view it like the rest.

I don't want to give my employees another logon account?

We understand.  In this day and age, we are bogged down with sooo many accounts and passwords.  We want this to be easy for everyone. 

  • Our service allows for an account to be logged on for 15 days before having to revalidate the credentials. 
  • You are welcome to embed our logon link to a company owned platform.
  • Read our Engaging Employees with Procedures article

During an emergency, no one has time to log into an account to see what to do or grab binder with the approved procedures.  However, they are likely to have their phone on them and they can log on to their accounts where their passwords are already saved.

At High Time Security we are big believers that your policies need to be trained and employees need familiarization with the processes long before an event happens. Our Engaging Employees with Procedures article can assist you in making safety and security a natural part of your company culture.

Need Security Help beyond policies and procedures?

Our parent company McCarron Risk Group offers a variety of security and intelligence services to include social media listening/research and more. MRG can also help out with security site plans and licensing requirements.

What if I need more accounts than the subscription offers?

We set up our Complete Package Subscription to be completely flexible on the number of accounts for each purchase.  If you decide you need more after you checked out.  Reach out to us and we can update your information accordingly.

Can I get my money back?

Although many companies are extremely happy with our services, we understand that we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  We want you to be happy with the service you receive.  For all subscription services, we offer full returns for 7 days from the purchase date.  For all of our downloadable products, we offer you web access to ensure this is the right fit for you.  Once the document is downloaded we cannot offer you a refund; however, if the document is not downloaded we will gladly honor full returns for 7 days from the purchase date. 

If you want a refund or have a question about the policy, please contact, and please allow us 7 days to process the request.

Credit Cards Not your thing?

We understand the banking limitations of the cannabis industry.  We are happy to work with you to find an alternate means of payment for our annual subscriptions or our downloadable products. Contact us at with the payment method that works best for you.  We will have your account established within 5 business days of receiving payment.