The Complete Cannabis Security and Safety Plan – Monthly


This is the “Holy Cow!” of cannabis security and safety plans.  We’ve anticipated your every policy and procedure need.  We made the number of members flexible to fit your unique structure (10-member minimum).

Packaged to help you foster simplified security and safety as part of your company culture.  Creating the foundation to keep your employees and company safe.  Allowing you to focus on your business, not your policies.

What's included?

The Complete Package Subscription allows you to have as many members as you need with a 10-member minimum.

28 policies and procedures should give your workforce a solid foundation for handling any event thrown their way.  We also threw in a few complementary forms to make your life easier, such as the Employee Acknowledgement Sheet and the Bomb Threat Checklist.

Perfect for your team.  The policies and procedures included are:

  • Active Shooter Response Plan
  • Anti Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • Armed Robbery Response Plan
  • Badging Policy
  • Be on the Look Out (BOLO) Procedure
  • Bomb Threat and Bomb Threat Checklist
  • Burglary Response Plan
  • Cash Management Policy
  • Delivery Driver Procedures
  • Difficult Customer Response Plan
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Fire Procedure
  • Identification Checks Procedure
  • Limited Access Areas Procedure
  • Law Enforcement Onsite Procedure
  • Media Onsite Procedure
  • Health and Safety Policy (built to OSHA standards)
  • Medical Incident Response Plan
  • Pandemic Response Plan (written to CDC and OSHA recommendations)
  • Power Failure Procedure
  • Protest Response Plan
  • Suspicious Activity Response Plan
  • Suspicious Package Response
  • Theft and Fraud Policy
  • Visitor Policy
  • Workplace Threats and Violence Response Plan
  • No Weapons Policy

Our annual plan has a 15% discount.

You will be provided information on setting up your additional members upon purchase.


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