Uneditable – Safety and Security Manual


Need a comprehensive Safety and Security Program fast?  We have you covered.

This Security Manual is a 46-page manual that will fulfill all of your safety and security dreams.  30 policies and procedures grace these pages along with complementary documentation such as Employee Acknowledgement Forms and Bomb Threat Checklists.  We’ve even thrown in a one-year subscription to our online platform.

To have a consultant create this for you it would cost $30,000+ and countless hours of your time to guide them.  Here you get a complete plan ready for printing or sharing with your employees.

28 policies and procedures should get you started and prepare your workforce to handle anything that comes their way.  You will even have complementary documentation such as Employee Acknowledgement Forms and Bomb Threat Checklists.

What's covered?

  • Active Shooter Response Plan
  • Anti Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • Armed Robbery Response Plan
  • Badging Procedures
  • Be on the Lookout Procedures
  • Bomb Threat Response Plan
  • Burglary Response Plan
  • Cash Management Procedures
  • Delivery Driver Procedures
  • Difficult Customer Response Plan
  • Drug and Alcohol Use Policy
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Fire Procedures
  • ID Checks Procedures
  • Limited Access Areas Procedure
  • Law Enforcement Onsite Procedure
  • Media Onsite Procedure
  • Medical Incident Response Plan
  • Pandemic Safety Plan (written to CDC and OSHA recommendations)
  • Power Failure Response Plan
  • Protests Response Plan
  • Healthy and Safety Policy (built to OSHA standards)
  • Suspicious Activity Response Plan
  • Suspicious Package Response Plan
  • Theft and Fraud Policy
  • Visitors Procedures
  • No Weapons Onsite Policy
  • Workplace Violence/Threats Procedures

This purchase is a use-as-is product and is copyright and intellectual property protected.  Print it or share it with your employees.  Should you need a version that is a little more flexible check out our Editable version of this product.

This is a downloadable PDF.  Should you need a different format, please contact us and we will make all efforts to accommodate you.

We've thrown in a one-year subscription to our online platform for you to review the content before you download the document.  Sorry, but once this product is downloaded it is no longer available for refunds.  Please make sure to evaluate the online platform before downloading your product.