Armed Robbery

An armed robbery is an individual using a weapon attempting to get employees to provide money or products.

  • Remain as calm as possible.
  • Cooperate with the assailant.Don’t resist, and don’t do anything that would put store employees or customers at risk.
  • Move slowly and deliberately. Criminals are usually nervous, quick or sudden movements could put you or others at risk.
  • Attempt to activate a duress alarm if your facility is equipped.
  • Try to give them the marked money in your register.
  • Pay attention.
    • How many robbers?
    • Their physical characteristics: height, eye or hair color, hair length, clothes, weapons.
  • Call the police immediately after the incident.
    • Provide the dispatcher with the physical characteristics.
    • Time and direction of departure.
  • Protect any evidence. Keep clear of the crime scene and avoid touching anything that the robber(s) may have touched.