Badging Policy

The badging policy applies to all employees and contingent workers.

Safety and security are everyone’s responsibility.  Badges assist in the protection of employees and company property.  Badges help prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas.

During your onboarding process, you received or will soon receive a badge.  This badge will be specially programmed with the ability to grant you access to the restricted area necessary to perform your duties.

It is your responsibility to keep your badge secure and to prevent it from being stolen.

Badge Procedures

  • No one else is authorized to use your badge.
  • Wear your badge above the belt for visibility and visual verification.
  • Never allow anyone to follow you through a door with a badge reader using their own badge to gain access.
  • If you see someone without a badge, ask to see it. If they refuse or neglect to produce one, instruct them to go to reception and report the incident to security.
  • Ensure all doors equipped with a badge reader close completely behind you. The exception is when a security guard is nearby.

Forgotten Badges

If you get to work and notice you’ve forgotten your badge, report to reception for a temporary badge.  Please return your temporary badge at the end of your workday.

Lost Badges

If your badge is lost or stolen, immediately report the issue to management for the badge to be disabled and to get a new one.