Be on the Look Out (BOLO)

Unfortunately, there may be times when individuals are asked to leave company facilities and are not permitted back.  These people may be former employees or difficult customers.

In order to track these individuals, a confidential file will be kept near the visitor sign-in with their information.  Routinely familiarizing yourself with the people in this folder will be helpful for recognition.

Should a BOLO enter the facility:

  • Use caution when interacting with these individuals.
  • If the BOLO is seen outside and not attempting to gain access, simply alert the team to their presence.
  • If the BOLO is attempting to gain access to the facility, deny them access and inform them that they are not permitted at this facility.
  • If the BOLO refuses to leave, inform security and call 911.
  • Provide the dispatcher with:
    • Location address.
    • Name of the individual.
    • Physical description (clothing, height, weight, hair, etc).
    • Actions of the individual.
  • Follow the guidance of the dispatcher and responding law enforcement.