Identification Checks

All non-employees are to have their identification verified, prior to accessing the facility. 

Customers, vendors, and contractors will check-in and provided a valid government-issued photo identification, such as a passport or a driver’s license.  The age on the identification can be verified by the following methods: 

  • The identification is scanned directly into the dispensary software, which will populate the appropriate fields.
  • A device designed for electronic age verification, which scans the identification for authenticity and age.
  • The current edition of the I.D. Checking Guide should be stored where visitors check in to be used in the event of other systems failing or when an identification appears fraudulent. 

Should a customer not be 21 years old or unable to produce a valid identification, you are to refuse them access to the facility. 

If they do not exist on their own after the situation is explained, inform security that they are to escort the individual from the facility.