Protests or Civil Disturbance

Protests or demonstrations happen for a number of reasons and may have nothing to do with the company.  Unfortunately, these protests and demonstrations can escalate into civil unrest. 

As long as the protests remain peaceful, on public property and do not obstruct business operations, observe from a distance and make sure that customers can enter and exit with no issue. 

Should the incident begin to escalate into civil unrest: 

  • Advise customers of the situation outside and give them the choice to remain or depart.
  • Lock the entrances to the facility.
  • Call 911 and provide the dispatcher with:
    • Where is the incident taking place and when did it start?
    • How many individuals are involved in the demonstration?
    • Is it immediately apparent what they’re protesting or if they’re part of a specific organization?
    • What is the group’s message?
    • Is the group attempting to gain access to company property and/or cause damage?
    • How is the incident impacting business, personnel, and operations?
  • Follow dispatcher and law enforcement guidelines.
  • Inform management.