Suspicious or Unattended Package

Occasionally items or packages may be left behind by individual passing through company facilities or a strange item may be delivered to the facility. 

If you suspect an item is suspicious in nature, notify security and the manager.

Begin asking the people in the immediate area if they are the owners or saw the owner of the item.

To make a determination if an item is suspicious consider the following:

  • Items with wires or circuitry exposed.
  • Items that are ticking or making noises.
  • Items that appear to be comprised of multiple uncommon parts.

For delivery packages, the following warning signs can include but are not limited to:

  • Handwritten/misspelled names or addresses.
  • Markings such as “Do Not X-Ray” or “Confidential”.
  • Lopsided packaging or unusual weight.
  • Excessive Postage.
  • Packages with residue, oily, or wet surfaces. 

If the origin of the package or item is not readily apparent and no owner is identified:

  • DO NOT attempt to move or open the item or package.
  • Evacuate the building in an abundance of caution.
  • Call 911.
    • Be prepared to give the dispatcher.
      • Location address.
      • Your Name.
      • A thorough description of the suspicious.
      • The steps you followed to identify the item’s owner.