Visitor Policy


All employees are expected to follow this policy. Employees, who violate this policy, can expect disciplinary actions that are commensurate with the severity of their violation.

The term “Visitor” is used to refer to all employees’ friends and family, contractors, external vendors, stakeholders, and the public.

The following rules apply for all visitors:

  • During normal work hours, visitors are authorized. Outside of normal operating hours, visitors must obtain authorization from your management.
  • After the visitor’s id is verified the visitor will be signed in.
  • Signing in as a group is prohibited, each person must individually register.
  • Visitors will receive appropriate passes upon entry and return the passes to reception at the conclusion of their visit.
  • Visitors are not authorized to walk the facilities unattended.
  • Photos of restricted areas are not permitted.
  • The company’s internet usage, confidentiality, and data protection policies pertain to all visitors while they are in company spaces.

As the host, you are responsible to ensure that your visitors appropriately follow the rules outlined above.  Violation of any of these terms may result in a visitor to be escorted out or face prosecution if appropriate.

Personal visitors

Generally, employees may not have unauthorized personal visitors. All visitors should be authorized through your manager prior to arrival.  Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, such as company events.

Contractors and service vendors

All vendors such as contractors, suppliers, service vendors, technicians, and plumbers, are permitted to enter company facilities to complete their job duties. Reception employees will provide vendors with badges and for instructions to wear those badges at all times on our premises.

Unauthorized visitors

Unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave by security staff.  Visitors, who cause disruption or steal will be escorted out and prosecuted if necessary.

Should you spot and unauthorized visitor, inform security as soon as possible.


Visitors are not authorized to gather donations, request participation in events or activities, or proselytize to your fellow employees.  Anyone reported to be violating this request will be escorted out of the facility.


All deliveries for employees will remain in reception until claimed.  Receptions will notify you when your delivery arrives.  For deliveries that require a signature, reception will attempt to reach you; however, unless you provide prior authorization they will not sign for the delivery on your behalf.

For large deliveries (e.g. supplies) security guards will review delivery documents before granting access to delivery vehicles.

Dangerous or restricted areas

Visitors are not granted access to areas where sensitive records, cash, or proprietary processes are performed with the exception of regulatory bodies and stakeholders.  Management will grant access.