Ever teach your kid how to drive? It’s easy, right? OK, let’s see…gas, break, (clutch, no let’s not go there), steering wheel. Now don’t hit anything in front of you, and we’re all set! Oh, wait! Turn signals. You watched them play Mario Kart™, what could go wrong?! Oh the pure joy of watching wiper fluid shoot across the windshield as they set up for their first turn. 

Sure we laugh (and cry) and make jokes about the experience, but the truth is we don’t want our loved ones (or innocent bystanders) injured, nor do we want our car destroyed. We take the time to explain the steps, demonstrate the how, talk about the dangers, and even sign them up for driver’s education. Not doing so and blindly handing over the keys would be just…..negligent. 

Many of today’s dispensaries are often absolutely beautiful destinations in and of themselves. One location in Las Vegas even has butterfly drones flying through their space, performing choreographed aerial shows. With so much creative energy, time, and capital invested, we don’t want to leave potential incidents or accidents to mere chance. That would be just….negligent. We need to prepare for common and some not so common scenarios.

How to Prevent Negligence

As employers, we don’t want our staff or customers harmed, our business disrupted, or our workplace wrecked. We also don’t want to be sued for the perception of negligence. A few simple steps to identify and discuss responses to potential incidents can save a business valuable downtime or costly litigation.  

Though cannabis dispensaries share some common concerns with other retail businesses, they have their specialized issues to consider that can affect licensing and audits. 

An excellent place to start is looking at your initial application process. The applications typically ask for specific information regarding security and safety equipment, and the intended operating procedures.  

  • Have you taken the time to put together a safety and security response plan for the different types of incidents most likely to affect your employees, customers, and workplace? 
  • Are you compliant with your state and local cannabis or marijuana regulations? 
  • Have you followed through with the mandates in your application? 

Building Super Plans

Consider a few points when building your plans:

  • Break your plans up into manageable steps
  • Keep the steps simple and clear as possible
  • Make your plans as similar as possible in format and actions, this way people have less to remember under stress
  • Think about personal safety first, property damage second
  • Emphasize notifications to emergency services and business leadership
  • Prepare them with the information these groups are going to need to react to the incident

We have seat belts, airbags, and insurance for our vehicles, yet we still educate our kids before they take to the roads. Take the time to do the same with your business, and protect your employees, customers, and investors so we can all see your drone show.